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The world is your oyster.

Everything you think, becomes. 

There are so many factors and steps along the way, but the number one influence on success or achievement or results or satisfaction – whatever word you usually use to label having what you want in your life – is belief.


Quite simply, everything you believe starts as a thought that resonates. Somewhere deep inside of yourself that thought is true. Good or bad, everything you do is constructed out of that belief. It’s both the foundation and the glue.

To give it context for where we’re going with this week’s discussion, look back at last week , where we talked about environmental sustainability. Because we believe reducing or eliminating environmental stressors is possible, we found many ways to make that happen in our own individual lives. In fact, most of us made several changes in that regard, and easily. It was pretty cool!

And… bets are you made one or two changes without actively thinking about that specific change… bigger bet is that you didn’t even notice! Have a look around your house. Anyone notice they have less garbage this week? Anyone notice they are eating a little better?

Turnip the beets, that lettuce looks awesome!

This week, though, let’s turn the spotlight towards ourselves. We already know it works!Tell us about one single, absolutely freaking awesome thing that you believe – about yourself or your world or what you are doing.

Keep it simple, personal, and in our fine, cultured form of course. Please, zero “limiting beliefs”, false beliefs, or fear-based beliefs. You can leave out the lack consciousness too, because that just ain’t true around here! Instead, we consciously reflect our best selves, because that is our truth-zone.

Do you believe you have great hair? Do you believe you are a fantastic driver? Do you believe you are an excellent chef? Do you believe you are setting an amazing example for your fans? (These are your kids, friends, families, colleagues and customers!) Do you believe you can change the world?

It doesn’t matter what the belief actually is, we’re looking to marinate ourselves in raw positive belief. You can get that energy from any one of your beliefs.

This week, share your belief with us, and how it serves you. How does it show up in your life? How do you know that belief is true for you? Keep it really simple and focused. What do you believe? And as always, let us cheer you on! 

Hint: This is not an action-oriented topic. This is about letting the belief – that pure and positive thought you keep thinking – take the stage. It’s about letting that raw positivity govern your mind, with no expectations, and no need to think about what you want it to bring to you.

Bonus: let us know next weekend, one thing that belief has brought to you, just by focusing on the belief itself. Post it in the private forum sometime on Saturday between 9 am and midnight, before Melanie kicks off our next discussion on Sunday morning. It’ll be like a manifestation scavenger hunt ha!

Beliefs are powerful and amazing things! They literally create your dreams.

And it starts with a single pure and honest thought.

What do you believe?



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