Watch Your Language

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Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Anontropolis



Language is everything.

It is the great connector. It is the great innovator.

In our culture, we are taught as kids to “watch our language,” not to swear. We are asked to speak nicely. We are trained that how we speak to people is the first way we acknowledge that they are valuable to us. It is the first way we show the world how we treat people.

Language is the easiest way to show people that you care.

As adults, we are trained to “know your audience.” We are trained to teach people in a way that they will accept and understand. This of course works only when we are actively and consciously trying to achieve a pre-determined interaction. We are trying to create a result.

But how does that factor in when we are everyday leaders? What does that look like? How can we use language in a way that cares for people when we are not there to actively teach or give them care?

This week is a bit of a two-parter. First part is easy. Acknowledge that you are leading every person you interact with, in an every day kind of a way. Your cultivated well-being rubs off. You make them feel amazing, and they pass that on to the people around them.

Part two is fun. We’re doing this all the time ourselves, because it makes us feel good. Choose a word or a phrase that you love, that someone else uses. Start using it in your conversations.

How long does it take for the people around you to start saying it too?

The people you care about feel cared for. They feel loved and valued. That’s who you are.

How do they mirror you? How easy is it for you to ripple out?

Language is a way we can measure our influence.

Watch your language. 

What does it tell you about your power to change the world?

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