Visions of Joy

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I can’t focus on just this year. I am already jumping to my future. I have a clear idea of who I want to be. I have a clear legacy for myself. My vision is that 2019 will be a year of renewal. I am on a path of discovering the woman I once was. I have a vision of how I want my children to see me. A woman, who was broken, hurt and lost. She overcame her pain, became strong, independent, and full of joy, had empathy for others, positive light and loves unconditionally. I want them to see me and use me as an example of how one overcomes obstacles to make a life and to make her dreams come true.

This year I am setting the stepping stones to my dreams. This year I am focusing on healing my mind, body and soul. The hardest part of this journey will be forgiving him and forgiving myself for letting someone treat me that way. My tools are in place. I am following them. I already know I will reach my goal. I am ready. I want this weight off of me. I am excited. I am working hard. I am listing to me. I trust myself. I know my own happiness comes from within.

I hope when my children see me they see joy. I hope they don’t see a mess. I cry very easily. I hope they know it is because I am empathic. I hope they can see the real me. I am learning so much about myself. I am rediscovering the old me. The original me and I am loving the person I am, faults and all. I am a unique soul. I love deep and true. I let someone treat me terribly, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

This is a learning adventure. I know I tried everything to make things work. I was mentally exhausted every day. I am on the other side now. I see clearly now. I see the importance of loving myself. I know what I don’t want. I value the people in my life even more. I have met so many great people. I was lost. Through being broken I found a new path. A path that is leading me to my dreams, dreams I had forgotten about or I believed would never happen. Things are happening down. I can see them happening in my future.

I have to close the book of my past. I have started a new book. I want to turn these new pages quickly. It is time for me to start my life… But before I jump to the future I need to finish this part of my renewal. I need to make sure my mind, body and soul are properly taken care of. I have to slow down and enjoy this year of renewal. Then I can move forward. I need to take a breath, slow down and let the universe guide me. I am trusting myself and my energy to guide me. I have already easily jumped into my routine. I am enjoying the books, my massages, and dance. Yoga is a learning experience and so is meditation. I know not everything will be right for me, but I sure am having fun trying.


~Filling my mind, body and soul with Joy~

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Guardian Angels

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