The Universe Rewards an Open Heart

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This topic couldn’t come at a more opportune time for me. After looking up the actual definition of the word synchronicity, (turns out I did know what it meant) many things came flooding to my mind.

Six months ago, I sold my horse who was a treasured member of our family. The time had come for me to replace him with a younger horse, to allow me to pursue my riding dreams. I found a buyer, checked his references, and believed I had found my horse the perfect home. However, at Christmas time I received new information – in fact I had not found him the perfect place to spend his retirement years after all; the process of rescuing began shortly thereafter.

For at least three days, I honestly didn’t know what to do or where to turn. I spoke to many people hoping for the solution. I even questioned people who said: if it was meant to be, there will be a way. I have always believed that if something was meant to be, it was because I worked hard and I made it happen. Looking back over that three day period, I realize I am far more receptive to the signs now than I was then. They were showing up everywhere, and I simply wasn’t recognizing them.

I do believe in divine intervention, but I am still working on the patience it requires to see it through. I want to learn to appreciate and recognize the synchronicity as it is occurring, and be grateful for it. I want to trust the signs. As we grow older, I believe we have many more reference points which can help us accept what is, and also be open to what we don’t fully understand. I am analytical by nature, and I need reasoning, logic, and science. I want to strive to become more open to positive signs – signals that the universe is working with me and feel gratitude for even the smallest of indications. It also makes me want to be the change I want to see. I want to leave positive signs for those around me, as reminders that they too are heading in the right direction. If I truly believe in the concept, there is really nothing random about it at all. It’s an affirmation of the good that you are doing and seeking in the world around you.

Written by: Jodi Clark

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