This Week’s Topic – You Do You

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Times they are a’ changin’. They are ever-changing like a pop song on AM radio!

And… that’s a great thing, because it creates a vacuum of sorts where you get to experience the true stability of your own self. 

Take this into the streets this week. 


What are a few things about you, that you know are truly you? It could be a funky hat. It could be a solo coffee date every day after work. It could be your hairstyle or your radio station.


Don’t over-think it. Don’t make it complicated. Just do it.

It points to the bigger, stable, deep essence of you.

You be you, all week, in all the ways you’ve always known.

BONUS: Try on something new that you’ve ever wondered about!


You be you.

Have a blast you beautiful thing, you.

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