This Week’s Topic – What’s in a Name?

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We’re in the sweet spot—harvest, gratitude, incredible weather, Thanksgiving season, and pulling all those fun sweaters out of storage. We feel amazing!

Pass the cranberries! They’re gorgeous too!

We bring huge and beautiful energy into all of our conversations when we feel like this. We are attracting opportunities to share that energy, to lead with that energy.

This particular fullness—and availability—brings us to this week’s topic. It’s a bit of a full-stop, because it is! This week, we are going to stop, create awareness, and protect the positive wave we are experiencing ourselves, and leaving in our wake.

We are going to learn (thus teach) together this week how to omit that strange social behaviour that is self-deprecating.

Yup, you know it. You see it and you do it too. It’s a live and well part of women’s social culture. When does it happen most? When you are feeling huge and beautiful and you want to be modest? Or, when you are feeling uncomfortable with someone else’s huge and beautiful, so you point at your own self-perceived deficiencies.

It’s complicated, really. And frankly, it doesn’t matter. Also in our current “information” is the understanding that we can—and need to—process awarenesses more quickly. To point at the bigger picture, why we would attempt to integrate an immediate change in our social culture, is the same reason we want to make immediate changes for our environment.

Yes, it’s heavy, but that’s what women’s energy in groups has the power to do. Together we can change anything. This week, imagine if we can free just ourselves from undervaluing our brilliance. How many people in our daily lives would see that example? Well, it’s energy, so allow yourself to lose count!

Alright, let’s keep it simple:

This week, share with us the one negative word you use most often to describe yourself—in conversation or alone. There will be one that sticks out. Why do you do it—name the feeling that word is trying to describe instead. And finally, choose a word to replace it. In those moments, that is exactly the time to self-validate. That’s when you need it the most.

Self-deprecating. It’s a negative and toxic social behaviour. Together, we can stop it in its tracks.

Go. Forward.


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