This Week’s Topic – What is Your Superpower?

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It’s been a really long time since we’ve done this topic – probably years, in fact.

What is your superpower?

We used to do it in the context of what is the best or strongest skill or trait that you have or are. We did it as a way to create confidence and clarity of action in our lives. It was a way to inspire us to be our best, by acknowledging the best things about ourselves.

It was a way to cultivate personal power.

Those were the days. These days, however, those things we call superpowers, are really difficult to acknowledge as important in the face of such global distress. The irony is that for most of us here in this community, the inability to directly use our normal superpowers to help out, leaves us feeling pretty small and disempowered.

So, what do we do here together? We put our thinking caps on, we brush off our big girl outfits, and we get our heads together. It’s super powerful.


This week, we’re all going to DO the superpower that we share.

What’s that Marigold?

That’s right, we’re going to care deeply for the world around us, by taking conscious and intentional actions in local and real time ways. This is the way we can be powerful right here, right now.


Share with us 1 – 5 ways you are caring for the world at large in your own “small” life, right here, right now.

We are not small and powerless to do something, to give care.


We are empowered.

We are free.

We care.



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