This Week’s Topic: What is Your Favourite Emoji?

 In This Week's Topic

Hello Ladies!

We are entering a new age… wait a second… what’s that Marigold?

We are CREATING a new age! How fun is that?! How refreshing!

How right up our collective alley, ohhh yeeeeah. Let’s do this thing!

This week, let’s focus on a new and refreshing kind of communication. Drum roll please…!

Let’s talk about emojis. 

Think e-courses, e-books, and e-transfers. E-mojis are a one-click communication of how you feel, and how you would like another to feel. It is an offer of experience.

What is your favourite or most used emoji, and why do you use that one. Why is it special? Why does it represent you?

Emojis are a special type of interaction and expression—they are the new virtual greeting with a smile. Or punctuation. Or a confirmation. Or a laugh, and for some love. Or to give some love!

Emojis are a simple, yet fully connected form of modern communication.

Have an amazing week Ladies!

With all our hearts, let’s have some fun.

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