This Week’s Topic – The Vulnerability Game

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Straight up.

After 2 1/2 weeks at Camp Covid, I want to turn the world on it’s head. I do feel like a bit of a hybrid, now having been on the inside. More than ever, I wish the world can learn to think differently.

More than ever, I feel brave and new. More than ever, I want to turn the desk.


This week, ladies, let’s challenge the concept of vulnerability. I would wonder if we really understand it. We feel it, but do we have real conversations with it, or do we let the usual external influences use it to control us?

How does it drive you?

How does it serve you?

How does it limit you?

Ask yourself these questions. 

Use my example of real – yet temporary – vulnerability to help you see and measure your own vulnerabilities. The world preys on our weaknesses, and yet when we are scared and supported, these weaknesses become strength.

We are as strong as we are vulnerable.

How do you become discerning inside your own vulnerability, to emerge more confident in yourself – and trusting of the safety you create?

The world would like to strengthen your weaknesses. It would like to solve them for you. It would like you to let it take over how you define your own power.

In a world where vulnerability is the encouraged position – especially for women – how do you keep your head?

The problem is the solution.

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