This Week’s Topic – The Skin You’re In

 In This Week's Topic


Last week’s topic was all about the shark in the water—self-deprecating. 

You’re swimming along, the water is fine, the company is delightful, when all of a sudden you find yourself cracking jokes about yourself, and calling yourself names.

“I’m such a…”, then “lol”, she says

Shut the front door!

What the… STOP that right now! You’re fantastic.

It’s such a critical error in women’s social culture.

This week, we’re going to take the bounce from this habit. Instead, we are going to choose our favourite compliments and use those instead—esp. in conversation. They can be anything from “I rock,” to “Hey! I look great today!” Or, “Wow, great dinner tonight, I done good.” It doesn’t even matter if they suit the situation, find a way to insert them into conversations. This energy is especially during interactions.

You are simply replacing the energy of self-deprecating with the habit of self-compliments and self-positivity. What does matter is that you believe the compliment. it has to be true, or your subconscious will reject it.

For your share choose 1 – 3 favourite compliments you can give yourself liberally. Tell us why you like them, and get ready to swim around in an oasis pond of self-joy. 

Bonus: if you self-deprecate, choose a single word or label you can use in place of the usual words you use. Make a point of calling yourself out when you do it, and say the statement again with the compliment word. Points if you get to do it publicly or in front of another woman.

Have a fabulous week, Ladies.

Love the skin you’re in.


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