This Week’s Topic – The Raspberries Become the Macaroon

 In This Week's Topic


People will be jealous.

This group vacation is unstoppable!

As we well know, the best skill in personal growth is the ability to follow the thread of positive expansion. Sometimes that is a feeling, sometimes an accomplishment or wish come true, sometimes a pull towards and idea or interaction, and sometimes it becomes apparent via the reflection of community consciousness.

That’s what we do here.

This week, we are prolonging the pause so to speak, and also following the thread of our collective growth. Let’s stay inspired by capturing some of these summer vacation memories to savour all year long.

Well, we’re all in! Let’s follow this thread.

This week, think of your life globally, but act locally. The “task” is to write down, at the end of each day, the 10 most important things that happened that day. 

It’s how we can take that vacation awareness home, like a souvenir.

Think fast, let it flow; write them down! It doesn’t matter what they are, just as long as they are important.

For your share…. drum roll please… we know you love it… tell us about ONE of these important things on your list! Why do you love it? Why does it inspire you? How is it a foundational energy in your life?

How is it the raspberry in your macaroon?

Important hint: Only list 10 positive things each day. No need for lessons. We’re on vacation!



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