This Week’s Topic: The Intuition Game

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This will be another fun one…

This week, let your intuition rule your decisions — all kinds. Let it choose your route to the grocery store. Let it choose what you have for dinner. Let it choose who you hire to do a job for you. Let it choose what you wear. Let it choose…

Let it inform you. Let it guide you.

The trick to this game? Don’t just let yourself bathe in your intuition. This is a game to play this week of course, and it’s light and airy, but the truth is, we are getting connected to our number one asset as a woman. Our intuition is perhaps the greatest connection we have to ourselves and the world we live in, simultaneously. Notice what becomes easier or moves along more quickly when you use your intuition. Make a list of the benefits of this new practice.

For your share, share with us your experience. What was easier; what was harder?

Did you enjoy it?

Our intuition is a huge and benevolent force. Let’s harness that.

Have a great week Ladies!



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