This Week’s Topic: The Great Divide

 In This Week's Topic



The Great Divide is a place on the map, marked by where the water flows in opposite directions – towards the Atlantic Ocean or towards the Pacific Ocean. It is as real as it is metaphorical.


This place exists in all that we do, and more than ever in all the things that influence us. As our world goes through increasingly rapid change, the polarity in all things becomes more visible.

Take a moment this week to ponder all those things: borders, view points, interests, education, perspective, politics, needs, wants, or boundaries within ourselves.

There are many words and examples for this mythical location in life. Choose and see your own, the ones relevant to your personal real estate.


For our topic this week, how do you manage those lines in the sand?

How do you manage the lines the outside world crosses or supports inside of you?

The options are many.


Resistance is both futile and nutrient to growing the gaps between us.

What do you put your mind to?



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