This Week’s Topic – Thank You for Shopping Local!

 In This Week's Topic

Hello Ladies!


Let the hunt begin!

We’re gearing up for the holiday season already, and so starteth the holiday gift shopping too! We’re well ahead of the rush, which gives us lots of time to meander the shops. In fact, many of them will figuratively invite you in for tea! It’s a beautiful opportunity to explore and enjoy.

This week, let’s follow the trend. Let’s shop local.

This is an invitation of sorts too, and much like an Artist Date perhaps! Take a look around your neighbourhood and share with us your favourite local business. We’re an online community ourselves, so this gives us the opportunity to expand the concept of “word of mouth”. For many businesses, this is the best form of advertisement, and for many patrons of small businesses, it feels amazing to share about the businesses that matter to you.

For your post this week, share with us your favourite local gem of a business – doesn’t have to be a product. There are lots of types of businesses that cater to the holiday season and experience!

Include a picture if you can, and definitely their deets – website or facebook page. We want our community of readers to be able to find them!


Maybe we should call this topic:

Let the New Age Window Shopping Begin!

Have a blast, Ladies!



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