This Week’s Topic – Teacher, Teacher! Can You Teach Me?!

 In This Week's Topic

Well, Ladies…

Yes you can!

Our topic this week is as simple as that. What do you want to teach?

In this community—and our community at large—we are all trailblazers. In our own individual and unique ways, each of us is a mentor and a teacher to the people around us. We have businesses, wellness practices, children, families, and networks that count on us to share our experiences and our knowledge.

We are all teachers.

This week, share with us what you most want to teach to the world—starting with the people around you. What knowledge and experience do you have to share? What would make people’s lives easier? What do you know that could profoundly change someone else’s life?

How can what you know make an impact? You can teach it.

In advance…

Thank you!

The world is looking to know what you know.

(P.S. Keep it tight. 1 -3 things only. Think potluck—one incredible dish.)

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