This Week’s Topic – Never Stop Learning

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It’s still a given, even in the new normal.  The world is your oyster , and you are a learner. Pass the beer nuts!

This week, let’s ride the brave wave being created by the back-to-schoolers. They’re still lucky! (Even in the new normal!)

Fresh books.

Cool profs.

The latest in Bluetooth morning alarm technology.

But don’t be sad! We’re so lucky too. We came stock with the drive and the curiosity to be life-long learners. It’s fun. It’s enlivening, and it is one of those things that secures our future too – especially in the new normal.

The love of learning creates.

This week, share with us 1 – 3 things you want to learn this year, and why.

Why does it inspire you? What will it allow you to achieve? How does it keep your creativity sharp and focused?

Have a fabulous week, Ladies!

Looking forward to learning with you!



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