This Week’s Topic: Navigating the Unexpected

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Top of the Pandemic to you!

It kind of is?  We’re unclear how long it will actually last , but we’re sailing along with flying colours.

So what does that even mean? Parts of this pandemic are good for us. We see this all over our social media, and we’re so aware of it because of how many people are sharing as a way to be inspired and understand their lives. It’s quite beautiful, so often helpful, and wonderfully human. COVID, however, is not so wonderfully helpful, and it is still causing great fear and anxiety! It can be hard to stay balanced.

It is an interesting time. COVID is creating chaos and unexplained friction—while at the same time creating positive changes. 

Always, our conversations are not to determine right or wrong, or true or false. We are here together to discuss the many ways we can make our lives better and more fulfilling.

Using COVID-19 as a stepping off point, let’s get into this week’s topic:

What do you do when things go wrong? How do you stay out of panic or “loss of control” when an external force or situation affects your plan of action or results. What is your “plan” for those times? 

This week, share with us how you handle or manage your life—and your badass self!—when things don’t go as planned, or worse! What do you do when there is unexpected chaos in your life?

Take us through your recipe to avoid disaster!

Get crazy with it!



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