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Love is now. It’s not tomorrow, or the next day, or thinking about it. Or worse, planning to think about it next week when you have the space. It’s now.

Last week’s article from Sabine Roggermeier is one of those ones we’re going to swim around in together for another week – especially with Valentine’s Day coming up. Like a speeding train, that will be gone soon enough too, and we’ll be on to the next thing, like it never happened.

If we’re not conscious and self-conscientious, while also-swimming around in today’s social culture, the self-love we methodically cultivate can be wiped clean, in one single, well-placed, consciously delivered meme. That’s what marketing is designed to do, to tip the most voracious consumers (by the by, that’s you, woman) into the emotional position to complete a sale. The sell is everything from an idea to an actual product, and the seller is every one in your feed. It’s the new natural positioning.


Last week’s homework from Sabine is kind of a critical natural positioning too, and it’s just so simple:

What about yourself are you totally in love with?


Like the tip of an ice burg, just pick one thing. You know it’s enough to feed the giant under water.

Nurture that. Nurture you.

Walk your talk.



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