This Week’s Topic – Look Out

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Energy flows where attention goes. It’s electric.

It’s not just a spiritual philosophy, it’s the foundation of all things, seen and unseen, felt and ignored, or understood and passed on. We are hardwired to read, perceive, process, filter, transform, and propagate energy – or information.

It’s in our nature.


This week, take a moment to be conscious of where you get your energy and information.

What are your sources?

At the heart of this community project, is an inquiry and a curiosity about the things that inspire us.


Women in community are a powerful cultural foundation – perhaps the most powerful. We teach, we lead, and we inspire others around us. For most of us, it is a conscious act.


Where are you plugged in?

What turns you on?


When you look out, what do you see first every day?

Guaranteed it is engineered to move through you.


Look out.

You are a trusted source.



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