This Week’s Topic – Lean In

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We’re getting our lean on this week.

Are you leaning in? Are you leaning out?

Is leaning out the new leaning in?


This does feel a bit like a Sex and the City episode where the main characters, all so different, inspire us with their weekly adventures to ponder something critical about women’s lives in general. When we share in an open-hearted conversation how we feel and interpret our changing world – actually – we solidify our connected, empowered, and diverse reality.

When we share our voices, regardless of the specific content, we get more and more comfortable with not having to prove or defend our thoughts and positions. It just becomes more and more normal to share something confidently and uncontested.

The result is that when we are contested outside of these agreed upon terms of engagement, it feels so strange and dissonant that although we may choose to lean out of the conversation at hand, we are not also silenced by the “real world.”


This week, Ladies, quite simply:

What does “lean in” mean to you?


How does this popular colloquialism inspire you?

How does it support you?

Lean on in.


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