This Week’s Topic – Juicy Fruitin’

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Mocktails are the new cocktails, and tall tales are the new news.

We’re the generation that was raised on the phrase “don’t believe everything that you read.” It’s pretty fancy and high-minded, but how are we really doing with that?

No one is keeping score anymore, so it’s up to us as individuals to keep a check on the ingredients of our mental bevies sound and beautiful. By default, this will be the fruit we serve our guests.

You’re a hostess with the mostest, arent’ you? It’s the fastest way to change the world. Everyone you greet at your metaphorical door, comes in to drink at your oasis.


This week’s topic:

Where do you get your information? Where do you get your news? Where do you get the juicy information and knowledge that you share?


So much of what we read, hear and spread around is not real – yet becomes real the minute we lay our attention on it. Can you trust yourself to be discerning all the time? Do you have your trusted sources on speed dial, or do you let the next thing in your feed fill your cup?


Juicy Fruit.

It sells.

People believe you.



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