This Week’s Topic – How Do You Stay Passionate?

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It’s always that time of year in here—living a life of passion, and all!

All year, all the time, you are connected to the life of your dreams, living it fully, and reaping the rewards of joy and satisfaction. This is a life expertly lived.

Until… one day… you wake up… and the entire world has sailed into another storm.

Life is all together, and yet completely different right now—and for an undetermined amount of time. We cannot control it. We are rightly cautious. The internet feeds the fear, and now more than ever our collective state of mind in this community (it’s our mission, in fact) has the power to create a ripple-out of mental and emotional support for the women, families, businesses, and communities we each in turn support as individuals. Our collective mind-set can absolutely be the keel, and our conscious engagements can create a direct connection to that. It is cultural safety and certainty.

It’s critical.

Pass the ketchup. We are still here. YOU are still here.

That’s right, Ladies. It’s on, and perhaps you’d rather give up or get swept up into the chaos and fear… and… and.. and…

Fortunately, living a life of passion and all, you have a bigger plan for this too! Let’s help each other stay connected to these foundational plans, while the details of the map are creating an uncertain path.

This week, tell us: 

How do you stay passionate and dedicated to what you do? With so many variables and external interactions that affect what you want to do in your life – your vision – how do you stay passionate?  

For your share, tell us 1 – 3 ways (or tools) you use to keep yourself on track, connected and happy until the wind moves us past the storm. Give us the deets. We want to feel certain too.

This is a necessary emotional tool of a life purposely lived—a connection to your passion. There are spontaneous expansions, and there are inexplicable variables.

How do you handle these?

What’s your secret tool?

Inspire the always-re-connect.

Have a spectacular week, Ladies!

The world needs you, more than ever.

Pass the Tobasco!


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