Hey Valentine!

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion


This week…we’re getting creative with the visionary love!

We have talked a lot about our 2021 intentions and most of us use a vision board as a tool to keep us connected to what we want to feel, have and achieve this year. This week, in keeping with the sign of the Covid times, we’re going to have a stay-cation kind of a date with our Vision.

Start here:

Close your eyes and imagine that what you want to feel, have or achieve this year is a person standing in front of you who loves you. Put your imaginary arms around each other.

But don’t stop there! This week’s topic: 

If your Vision were your Valentine, what would it bring you?

Flowers? A trip around the world? A brand new car? A week alone with strangers at a yoga retreat in Costa Rica? A foster child? A beautiful garden? A bubble bath? Your favourite movie? A sunset?

If you were the love of your Vision’s life, what special thing would it bring you for Valentine’s Day?

Build a vision board —from the perspective of your Vision. How would it gift you, the love of its life? What would it want for you? Choose 5 – 10 things. Cut and paste. You know the drill!

Share with us one of those special gifts from your visionary Valentine.

Love love!

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