This Week’s Topic – Harvest Moon

 In This Week's Topic


This is a particularly special topic this week, because we are celebrating ourselves—whoop whoop! 

I’ll bet we don’t even remember why!

That’s how women are. We so often forget to acknowledge our accomplishments.

Remember way back in the Spring when you planted a seed you wanted to grow over the Summer? Well, that’s where we’re at! 

Our “task” this week?

Go back way back to the Spring and read your own post about the kinds of seeds (ideas and goals) you were planting for yourself. Have a look at your goals and desires. It is posted directly under last week’s topic

Next. Acknowledge those incredible accomplishments. Choose the reward for that accomplishment… and get it!

Your share?

Share with us the Harvest. Share what you accomplished and how you rewarded yourself. How good did it feel?!

Congratulations, Ladies!



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