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Photo Credit: Basic Fun!’s newest Care Bear, Dream Bright Bear! | Source: Basic Fun! / the Toy Insider




In the midst of Chaos, we do have fun here. We take that out into the world like a belly full of Love. It sticks to your ribs.


Here’s a little article to get you started.


Effingshine Bear is no exception! She’s the bear who transmutes anything negative into a positive, anyway. It’s a default position. The negative is still there in the world, we know it, and we’re going to shine our positive superpowers, anyway.

It’s catchy! Adults love it because it feels awesome to be contributing something at least, anyway, in everything we do. Kids will see us doing it – you don’t even have to be a parent – because we’re adults, and that’s what adults do.

I’m thinking of my own grade four teacher now, as I write this. His very first lesson to us as his students, was the difference between children, adults, and “grups.” Grups were adults who have forgotten how to be kind, respectful and thoughtful people. He said we would recognise grups already because they were the adults who were having temper tantrums, and being mean to other people – especially children. He said we were very important to the world, because we still knew the difference, and we were just becoming adults ourselves.

He also ensured us that his classroom would be that place where we were allowed to be adults – even though we thought we were just children. He promised that when we left at the end of the year, we would know how to be kind, respectful and thoughtful adults, while also knowing how to have fun. He said we would do a lot of that too – and we sure did!

Finally, he said there was absolutely no reason to grow up and be a Grup, because now we knew the difference. He said it was a choice that other children may not know about, so we were lucky and special. He said that we were also responsible for not becoming a Grup, just because other people didn’t have the same choice. He told us this would be the greatest thing we ever learned in school.

This is a personal story, but it is also the story of how I learned to be an adult optimist outside of my own home. Our community here, is my home base for that deep human wisdom – where we have come to agree over time that it is a portable sanctuary.  I can’t even remember where in the conversation we became Effingshine Bears, but Care Bears are an almost universal archetype that we all know, worldwide. It seemed perfect to spend a week seeing how a few of the other childhood crazes, trends or toys we experienced as kids helped us be the altruistic adults we are today.

We may not be able to change the moment, the external influences, the problem, but we are always at-cause because our collective culture here reflects our own personal posture. We often phrase this as being.


This is powerful stuff, Ladies. 

There is no need to attend a far away protest, speak in defense, or suffer the paralysis of empathy to start a revolution. We are the revolution, right where we stand, and in every thing we do. Every connection. We are all naturally empowered and we learned early how to embody this. We have had that luxury.

It is not rocket science, it is child’s play.


So, this week:

What childhood craze, trend or toy taught you to be who you are today.

Let’s see together this week, how we can look to children to see the responsible adult in ourselves. Let’s see together this week how we can be more like them.


More love.

More care.

We’re all Momma Bear.


We are responsible for providing this.

It’s just that natural.



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