This Week’s Topic – The Perfectionist Stealing My Thunder!

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Ok Ladies.

We have sworn NOT to coach each other in these discussions; it creates separation—but there IS a loophole, and it’s time. It’s a bit of an emergency.

We’ve been working together to consciously create a stellar 2021, and for the second week in a row, a common thread to our conversations has been the difficulty we have with perfectionism. She’s that mean and nasty bitch who is stealing your dreams!

This week, let’s do a subconscious exercise together and put that perfectionist in the slammer once and for all.

She’s a criminal! 

And she’s seductive. She’ll have you thinking any number of corrupt things about yourself. You’re not good enough. Your hair is ugly. You’re an impostor. You need to learn more or think about it first. You don’t have the right outfit. You need to wait until you have a professional logo. You’re not smart enough. You don’t have the time or the energy. Someone does it better than you. You need permission and approval.

Sound familiar? Choose your poison.

Someone is always laughing and pointing at you, judging you. It’s not your audience or your customers or your boss or your husband or your friends or your children or your mother. It’s that mean woman with the boney fingers, who moves like lightening, keeping up with your accomplishments, and just when you are about to click “send”, she is right there to criticise you. The kicker is, that woman is YOU! Look in the mirror. How’s your hair? Would you feel more comfortable—more at home—if your hair looked better? It’s not about beauty.

Suddenly, knowing that, you have the power to get the perfectionist working for you instead. That’s real creative power, plus excellence. She actually has your best interests in mind, and your goals and dreams. She wants you to succeed brilliantly.

We can talk about this many different ways, and label this interaction we have with ourselves many different and lofty ways too. It’s a sticking point. It’s a subconscious block. It’s a limiting belief. It’s the imposter syndrome. It’s a trauma loop. It’s fear. It’s lack of credibility. It’s confusion. It’s self-doubt.

Basically, however, all those labels are not that useful, and worse, false. Yes, false. Totally untrue. Wrong.

What is the truth then?

Drum roll please… every single thing you do is absolute perfection. A divine creation. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s perfect. You’re perfect. The only thing that is wrong with any of it, is that you have a fear of the unknown. Everyone does, and that’s big business—that’s why we’re calling 911 on this problem! There is lots of money in keeping people stuck in the unknown—especially women. So much would change, way too quickly if the primary creative forces unlocked their greatness.

Or would they? Who cares! It’s rhetoric and we are creative minds with a collective purpose of initiating positive global change, and quickly.

How do we do this? It’s perfectly simple:

This week, pick one simple and practical thing you do perfectly. Do it consciously, mindfully, and to the best of your ability once a day. It must be a thing that takes at least five minutes. You must let yourself enjoy it. Allow yourself enough time to make the connection. Schedule it if you have to!

Brush your teeth. Coin those carrots. Match those earrings and those socks. Clean that bathtub. Make that bed. Mix that salad dressing in the most exquisite proportions, every time.

For your share this week, tell us what that thing is that you do perfectly. Describe how good it feels. Let us experience you in the joy of your perfect self. Forget the rest. Forget your goals and dreams for a moment even. Just enjoy the perfect process of living!

Evolution. The more we are aware, the more we control its speed. It’s happening now! We do not need to get ready or wait until we are enough.

Allow your greatness.

It is already you.


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