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Reality is a broad and amazing thing.


I was joking with a friend the other day that Covid is a portal. This was in jest of course, because when you boil me down to the sinew, I’m definitely a realist. It’s real. It’s just a cold, but like any and all cold viruses, our symptoms are ours alone. Virus excites the reality of the human immune system, and we are each in the end, singular.

As individuals in a vacuum, we subjectively experience the same symptoms every time.

The unique thing about Covid, however, is that it’s affecting us all at the same time. It’s affecting the human system as a whole, and our own systems as individuals. It is a bit like we are all being scattered also into unique realities

I’m joking when I say Covid is a portal, but I’m not joking when I say that I am not the same person who woke up with “just a cold” three weeks ago. I am not the same person who entered said portal, but I am most certainly the person I have always been, now that I have returned.

I feel lucky that my reality includes an immovable awareness of self. In the places that it broke me, it also set me free.

Everyone’s experience will be different, but this week for our discussion, I wanted to share the experience that set me free – free from the cage of my own shoulds and constructed obligations, my overwhelm eve. It was the most profound thing, and I wanted to share it this week, so you could be free of it too.


Here’s the skinny:

I had the cold. The symptoms were really strange, and it was unethical for me to get back to “real life” as soon as I could. I had to wait for a negative test, which took longer than expected. That’s pretty standard – and what we accept when the infected person is just on the news, or someone we heard about.

What was so strange, was how people would ask me how and what I was feeling, and then because it wasn’t what they were expecting to hear, they’d debate it. I actually heard the words “I don’t understand how that’s possible” when I reported that I did not a have a few of the symptoms that other people did.

What was the strangest, was how my “brain fog” was not valid until someone’s allopathic doctor friend reported still struggling with the same thing. Fortunately, I can report having forgotten hearing that all together, and instead can mercifully teleport our topic this week across that line in the sand.


So, ladies, here’s our discussion this week:

Who and what in your life determines how you think and feel? Should it? Are you obligated to think and feel that way?

When you do think and feel a certain thing or way, how is that validated? Where do you get your permission?


This week is a reality check.

Who and what determines your reality?


Do you live by the Moon?

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