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It’s all about focus.

Where do you focus your intentions, and on what is your mind focused? What’s running in the back ground? What’s your unconscious starting point?

What protects your imagination ability?

We are triggered into the chaos, into participating in the lower vibrations. It’s natural to want to be there to lend our voices and our support.

But remember, this community is about leadership. Your energy and how you do things is the eye in someone’s storm. You protect them, and you cannot fathom who they lead and protect in turn.

Need proof? Go to anyone’s friend list on Facebook. Find a few people you know too – and you can’t believe they know each other.

Need more proof? No, you’re well aware of that weird and true feeling. We are all connected. That’s the power of global community.

So, ladies, in the spirit of serving and protecting our world, we’re going to do the unthinkable:

Distraction. Just the really clean and inspiring kind. You can get a glass of wine if you like too. We’re going to cultivate some good feelings in our minds.

This week, share with us your favourite FICTION book.

Just like the photo in this post, the world is a black clouded child walking down the aisles of a a bookstore full of delight. You are the books.

Be her army.

Fill the guns in your mind with good thoughts. Focus this raw human power.

How are you inspired to believe in the world?

It matters.

Your thoughts create.



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