This Week’s Topic – April Showers

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Hi Ladies!

This will be a fun one — especially at this time when we are needing to hold tight to a positive and loving reality. We support so many people in our individual lives. It’s essential to have a generous helping of Vitamin P for positivity.

So, Ladies…. have a look outside.

What’s the first sign of Spring?

Well, here in this community, it’s our favourite thing! April Showers.

Why? Because they bring May flowers! And, more importantly, they bring us an opportunity to transform a negative into a positive.

Garnish this with the fancy umbrella of social distancing, and it becomes the opportunity to change the world! It’s HUGE! It’s also really practical magic.

April showers bring May flowers! It’s an opportunity to be that “thing” we don’t like to be…

Or… get a few things done.

Or…. take ourselves on an Artist Date.

Or… make a fabulous meal.

Or… hide out and watch movies with our favourite people.

Or… get outside and splash around!

Or… Or… Or…!

The possibilities are endless.

This week, share with us your favourite rainy day activity. Bring us with you.

T’is the season, Sunshines!


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