This Week’s Discussion: What is Your Legacy?

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Love is all you need.

And love is what you’ll get, at least around here!

Almost every topic we discuss together can be boiled down to this single energy: Love. The last few topics have certainly made that clear. What do you want to see in the world? More love. How do you handle distractions or unexpected frustrations – especially when our world is changing so rapidly? Yup. Love!

Can I get an L?

Of course you can! We’d love to!

I know, I know, corny — but it’s true, we love it all. 

This week, let’s look forward to having put all this love to good use. Let’s take a long look out towards the things we want to leave behind or be known for:

In other words, what is your legacy?

This week, share with us what you want to leave in your wake – and by no means is this limited to your death! Every time you leave a room, hang up the phone, send an email, or even simply smile at a stranger in the street, you are leaving an impression behind you.

Think of this living impression as your legacy. It is happening already, we sculpt it as we create and grow our lives, and it will be the thing that continues to move people when we leave.

What is this love that you have for life?

What does it add up to?

How does it linger in the air, cling to people’s hearts, or affect the world forever?

It just positively does.


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