This Week’s Topic – What Do You Want to See in the World?

 In This Week's Topic

Hello Ladies!

For us here, every day is International Women’s Day. Every day we link arms to support and inspire each other in all that we do — in our homes, in our work, and in our communities. 

As you are reading this, in anticipation of our next topic together, take a moment and let that sink in. We are the change. Allow your energy to come home from the seeking.

Everything we do in our lives going forward, we do from the power of “together.” Always, we wait on the precipice of life. We anticipate the challenges and the joys, and we are ready — with such focus, use this exact topic, at this exact time, to take a few extra breaths and notice you are not alone.

Expand this opportunity we share together each week – anticipation and excitement and community. The world has the potential to grow and change because of those three energies we explore and hold together.

Our SURPRISE! topic from last week jumped the cue (as surprises do), and as it did, it also kept the door open for us to linger in the power of International Women’s Day just a little longer – it is International Women’s Month, after all. What’s better, is that as our topic hits the presses on the public site this week, we will have held the energy for our circle of influence for three whole weeks.

No need to mention this in your posts, it can linger as the secret ingredient — the special something that makes the recipe extra-special. Feel it in your heart as you write. Infuse it into your words.

Now, having attended to the community-focused intention, this week share with us ONE thing that you want to see in the world.

This week, let’s take the opportunity to dream for the world. Let’s use those powerful descriptions of the feeling of the surprises we discovered together last week and put them towards something global.

What do you want to see in the world?

As always, remember to keep our attention on the feeling of greatness that the world can be — that we all have the power to be —rather than the reason we want to see that change or the reason it needs to change at all.

Ooooh… it doesn’t need to be a change either! Let’s be clear about that.

Dream it.

Feel it.

Hold it in your hand.

The world becomes how powerful women believe it can be.


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