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Hi Ladies!

Oh. Yeah. The Artist Date. Oh, how we’ve missed you! It’s been such a long time.

It’s official, Ladies, Spring is in full fling, making it the perfect time of year for an Artist Date. The days are getting longer and more luxurious, and our worlds are lush with mixed greens and delicious flowers. It’s time to call up your inner creative and take her out on the town!

We do this as a regular thing in our community, but for those of you who are new to this practice, this is usually how it goes:

Take yourself out somewhere new, and go alone. Spend at least one hour. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It could be as simple as a coffee in a coffee shop that you’ve never been to before, perhaps the Tim Horton’s on the other side of the city, instead of the one you usually frequent. Or, it could be as decadent as the new Italian restaurant on 5th, followed by an art exhibit amid a sea of tuxedos. Maybe there is even a movie you want to see? Or, if you are head-down in your own studio or office, take some time to learn something new.


Alas, creative love in the time of COVID will bring you to different places! This is the perfect time to share our ideas and experiences together — it’s what we do here. We are making change real, giving it a home in ourselves and our lives. And just like an artist, we are painting the way for others too.

This is a practice first popularised by Julia Cameron in her book, The Artist’s Way. It’s a really great read, with concepts not just reserved for an artist. It speaks to the nature and value of creativity in any type of life. In short, the practice of the Artist Date is designed to stimulate your creativity, and open the door to newness in thought and activity.

It is about creating momentum for ideas.

For your post this week, take us with you! What did you do? What did you notice? Did you have an interesting conversation with a stranger? Did you try on some new colours? Did you have any new ideas? Did you research someone else’s new ideas? What parts of life became more available by allowing that sinking-in, the connections made from observation and enjoyment?

Have a beautiful and exciting week, Ladies!

This is the good stuff.



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