The Pleasing Aroma of My New Life

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Do you want to meet me for coffee?” This is a new expression for me. In my old life I didn’t have any friends where I lived. Now, with my new life I have friends.

I love meeting for coffee. I love the smell, the atmosphere of the coffee house, the comfy furniture, the fire, the books, and the people make this a perfect place to visit. The funny thing, I don’t drink coffee. I will have water or a warm tea.

While waiting for you to arrive I look around this magical place and soak up the aroma. I realize this is where adults come to experience the old childhood game of pretend. I do my best to put myself in your place. I hear your stories and I am there. Just like in childhood. I come along with you on your journey. We have the best time.

What I enjoy is our time together. We laugh, cry, and share. In this atmosphere you share things you don’t tell the whole world. I hear about the imperfections in your life. I can’t help the situation, but I can listen. I care about you. I appreciate you. Time spent with you is never wasted.

When I share my adventures you laugh along with me. I believe it is because you picture yourself with me. You love my “Collette Stories” there are many.

My aunt wanted a pedicure. I took her. After the pedicure I got up and tripped, stumbled backward and fell into the pedicure tub. I was very wet. The only thing hurt was my pride. When I got my aunt back home I had to share why I was wet. I said, “I was so embarrassed.” My aunt replied, “So was I.” I laughed out loud. You can too!

I cherish these moments. We spend hours talking. Our time is well spent and much needed for both of us. I leave you feeling loved and refreshed. I love being a part of your world. I know you enjoy being a part of mine. My life story now includes you, just as your life story now includes me. Thank you for being my friend.

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Guardian Angels

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