Pono: That’s Right

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


Huna principle #7 PONO tells us that effectiveness is the measure of truth. It calls us to be expectant. To expect the best outcome.

The word pono loosely translates to mean “right”, “success”, “goodness”. The idea behind the principle teaches us to look at our lives and see our current truth. The truth is we are as effective as our thinking has been. Our life is as good as what we have expected. So if I look out and I am unsatisfied with aspects of my life, I am challenged to go back and review my thinking on the matter. If I don’t like for instance my current success at weight loss I am challenged to make my thinking right and set my expectations on actually achieving what I want. Do I expect to lose weight? Do I expect to be healthy?

The next step in the process though is to be open to accepting what shows up. Even if it doesn’t show up the way I think it should. There are many ways to get to an end result. So part of the process is expecting the best outcome and then actually seeing it and accepting when it shows up. Using the weight loss example, if I am so wrapped up in the numbers and focus on “geeze by now I should have lost more than 3 kgs”, I am rejecting what I said I wanted. I am not accepting it because it’s not in my mind how I thought it should happen.

So, the work, and it takes practice, is to expect the best, and then accept it as it shows up. Back to the example, weight loss is the expectation and the truth it it occurred. Now with that example, if the weight loss doesn’t appear I need to go back to my thinking, do I expect it to happen, am I being truthful to myself on wanting or secretly sabotaging?

Belief is a creative process. It takes work and focus, just like learning to play an instrument or a new sport. Practice, look at the results (the truth, the effectiveness) and modify as required until you see and achieve what you pictured. Just like you wouldn’t curse yourself on the first day of bike riding for falling down, show yourself compassion as you work on cultivating your belief.

Believe you can have what you want to achieve and expect it to show up? Build your belief muscle with this week’s meditation.

Love and light to you this week as you remember to expect what it is you want! Expect your greatness!




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