Have You Had Your Dose of Laughter Today?

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


Passion. The word invokes all sorts of imagery. It oozes with energy, creativity and power. Enter in life, lockdown restrictions are easing, school is changing again, still working from home, caring for aging parents or even keeping your plants alive, walking the dog, it’s a lot and it’s possible the passion flame has fizzled or worse gone dormant.

I am not immune, I too have moments where I feel less than passionate. I am always amused when my clients say things like it must be great to always be happy or heart centered. As though as an energy practitioner I am somehow immune to the chaos around. I am though human and I too experience the ups and downs. Thankfully though I have a secret weapon. What you ask? Laughter.

Lucky for me I am surrounded by kids and puppies. There is so much to laugh at if you stop long enough to pay attention. I sat over the weekend as the kids engaged with the dog. There were no words just watching. Through a series of just nonsense, it started with a giggle, then outright laughing, the kind where tears stream down your face and your stomach cramps and you gasp to catch your breath. The best thing is right after the laugh tuning into your body. I felt the tension dissolve from my muscles in my neck and shoulders, I felt good, and despite having exerted all that energy, I felt energized and clear headed, with a goofy smile pasted on my face as I wiped away the tears.

It’s not just me, actual scientific research has found that laughter is medicinal. It’s been shown to: help with anxiety and depression, lower stress hormones, support cardiovascular health, help with breathing, reduce pain and even burns calories! If that’s not motivation to laugh out loud I don’t know what is.

Don’t believe me? Tune into your body, feel your muscles, feel where any pain or tension is. Then find something funny. My go to is videos of babies laughing. Laugh and then tune back into your body. What’s happened to the tension and pain? You are welcome!

Here’s a little help in reconnecting with your lighter side. This week’s meditation takes you back in time to your funny moments.





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