Surprise Date

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

Woohoo, an Artist’s Date. I love these! Oh wait, we aren’t supposed to go anywhere, really, and I live in a house, with people. I will admit my Type A got the best of me yesterday when I saw the topic. What in the world? How will I be able to come up with something? I let it simmer overnight, I am sure something will come to me.

I wake up, the sun is calling me. I quietly don my walking clothes and head for the path. The cardinals and goldfinches are singing, seemingly louder today. It’s music to my ears. Hmm, what will I do for my Artist’s Date? I get home and stop to admire all the gardening work we did this weekend. It’s beautiful. I love walking up to my home. I am both proud of the transformation and awed by nature as it explodes on my property. I stop and water my garden. How awesome to see all the little sprouts coming up knowing that in a few short months there will be an abundance of veggies for us and to share. My mouth waters at the prospect of the sweet sunshine taste exploding from the garden-fresh food.

It’s still quiet in the house, I grab my coffee and move to patio hoping to find my inspiration for this Artist’s Date. As I sip from my favourite butterfly mug, I stare at the spectacular view and feel the sun on my face. And then it hits me, I realize this is it! My entire morning was an Artist’s Date.  The solitude, the presence, the bliss. I am so glad I stopped worrying about the outcome and simply enjoyed the ride! What an awesome surprise!



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