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A few posts ago I talked about my intentions for the year. Which in brief were linked to nourishing every part of my life. In the food and care I give myself and in the care I give out to others. That’s the How. The Why comes from my visionBring healing to the world starting with me. I’ve always been a giver and deep down a healer without knowing it. Healing the world just seems like a natural extension of me. The nuance is in the starting with me piece. It’s a new exploration for me and one that is the missing link.

I have written before about feeling frustration at my healing practice not expanding as fast as I want. I can remember the last of the weekends involved in my certification, feeling this sense of sheer joy. I had found my calling, my passion. I was setting up a space in my home and, “BAM! This is happening!” I have the most sacred space and I have all the necessary equipment; the crystals, the sweet smelling incense, the soothing coloured walls, the inspiring artwork and the calming music. I have business cards and a Facebook page. It’s all there. That part of the vision was easy. It came together quickly. I realize now, the puzzle is missing a piece. Just like my deliberate list where self care comes first in my nourishment, so does healing. I still have work to do to heal my perceptions, or more specifically, my misperceptions. I have to be willing to look inwards. What am I blocking? What am I resisting? And then heal that energy. The sticky exploration of fear and perfectionism in the last 2 blog posts were so integral to helping me get to this clarity. As much as they sucked and caused tears – boy were there tears and lots of discomfort – it helped highlight those areas in me still needing healing. Huna teaches that healing is a shift in perception. I can easily find the beauty and the truth in clients on the table, it’s easy, I see their light and essence without the clouded filters they have accumulated. It’s time for me to turn that lens inwards to clear the last of the baggage holding me back.

Makai, the third Huna principle, teaches us, “Where your attention goes creation flows – be focused”. My focus is healing. Healing my relationship with my inner child. Healing my perceptions when it comes to my healing practice. When I am frustrated with the lack of speed or my progress, my attention is on the lack of clients rather than on abundance. Which is exactly the opposite of what I want to bring into my life. That’s the shift I need. That’s the focus piece. I must steadfastly and unwaveringly focus on what I WANT to attract rather than what I don’t want. I want to bring healing to the world. I must also keep focused on those clients I do have. I am beyond grateful for these clients. These clients who are healing in the most remarkable ways. That’s a powerful motivator and validator of my chosen path.

And it dawns on me as I write this, inspired and in flow, that healing can come in many forms. Of course from an energy healing, but also in a conversation, in a blog post that helps someone who reads it, even something as simple as a smile that changes the trajectory of a person’s day. And while this broader definition might not be monetized in a way that allows me to give up the corporate gig, it does give me peace to know that I am living out my vision! Everyday. My practice will thrive in the way it’s meant to. Those I am meant to help will be helped. I know this deep in my core. And with that knowing I am free to put my energy on areas that I can really have an impact on. I am buzzing with the energy of this.

If you are looking for me, I’ll be in my zen space, working on healing the world, starting with me!

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

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