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Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


Anyone can manifest, that’s the truth. It takes focused attention. That too is the truth and also a likely reason why most people think the first statement is false.

When I was first introduced to the healing arts, well before I became a Huna practitioner myself, I was fascinated. Here was this “thing” that had come into our lives at a time when I had asked for a miracle. In that moment of asking I was also open, open for anything. The usual routes—the doctors, the treatments, the hospitals—for us had all failed. It is because of these failures of a traditional system that I became open enough to see other options right in front of my face.

In that moment I had manifested a new road. I had manifested the help and the healing that we were desperately seeking for our family at the time. I didn’t realize that of course in the moment, but looking back I know indeed that is what I did. At the time I had no idea what energy healing even was, or how it worked. I didn’t care either. I cared that it was showing results and health improvements that the hospitals and doctors told us were impossible. Then I started to pay attention. What was going on here? I wanted to learn more.

I started to read and work with my healer and learn from my healer. Before even starting with healing the energy, we learned simply about energy itself, the truth and wisdom that shamans and indigenous peoples know and have practiced for centuries.

So let’s start there. What is energy? From a scientific perspective, everything in the universe is made of energy. Everything vibrates with that energy, whether trees, your kids, and the computer you are reading this on, it’s all vibrating at a certain frequency. Most people can follow me to this point. When I say, “To attract what you want you have to vibrate to match the frequency of that which you want”, this is where it sometimes becomes a bit of a stretch for folks. So let’s use the analogy of “dress for the job you want”. The act of dressing in a way to gain a better position or role is targeting your mind and your energy frequency, and lining it up to the frequency of that new role. The physical act of dressing makes it easier to partake and “feel” the energy of the exercise.

Feeling sceptical? Think about it. Look closely at your life. Have you ever had something show up at just the perfect time? Like a job that just landed on your lap, or thinking about a friend and all of a sudden that friend is on the phone or even better at your doorstep? These things showed up because they were manifested by you. They showed up because your desire for them matched the energy or frequency of what you wanted. I’ve manifested parking spots in the worst downpours, free coffees, or a winning scratch and win lottery ticket for the same amount of a recent unforeseen expense.

Sceptics will argue here: well, my life is crap, I am in debt or my lover left me, or I can’t find a job I like. I didn’t want this. Well no you didn’t want it. But by default of your energy and focus, you attracted it to yourself. I love the line in the movie The Secret when Joe Vitale responds to someone who says “I didn’t attract this to my life” and he says ” I am here to be a little in your face and say that you did”. What he’s saying here is that by focusing all your energy on hating what you don’t like about your current life situation, the frequency you give off is like a magnet attracting more things in that same frequency.

I explain energy and focus to my children as being like a boomerang, and the analogy seems to stick. Think about your thoughts like a Boomerang. What you put out, you get back. So if your thoughts are of health for instance, your boomerang will bring you back health. On the flip-side, if your thoughts are focused on “I don’t want this illness (insert whatever the word is here)”, your boomerang focuses on illness and the frequency of that, so guess what comes back to you? More illness. It’s hard to fathom that it can be that simple, but it is. It’s frequency, that’s it. Don’t focus on what you don’t want, focus on what you want. Instead of, “I don’t want to fight with my husband”, say instead, “I want peace in my house”. Instead of “my boss is a jerk” say, “I want a job with a boss that is like an equal”, or even, “I want and am ready to receive meaningful work where I am my own boss”. You may think you are saying the same thing, but from an energetic standpoint, those two sentences are very different.

If you’ve never manifested, start small. Be clear in what you want to manifest and put a time frame to it.  I was there, too. I grew up very methodical in my thinking, very much about science, rigour, and proof in repeatable experiments. What a blessing, in my early days working with energy, that I read Pam Grout’s book E-squared. I really enjoyed it. It was practically written, in a way that was easy to understand, accept, and follow. Best of all—and most amazingly—her experiments worked. She has nine exercises that take you through feeling and discovering how energy works in your world, and how where you put your thoughts, energy, focus (all vibrations), you attract those vibrations back. My favourite is the second of her experiments where the goal is to manifest things that you wouldn’t normally see. For instance butterflies in the winter, or unusually coloured cars. I remember looking at this chapter, still new in my understanding of this concept of energy as an attraction frequency, and I thought skeptically, “Green cars”. There are not a lot of green cars. So I made my intention to find and see green cars every time I was out and about for the next 48 hours. And I saw them, in parking lots, parked next to me, in front of me on my drive to work, or behind me in the rearview mirror. Years later, I still see them. It’s interesting, they show up at the times where I find faith wavering, or am having a particularly rough day (which yes, happens even for energy healers!). They show up and I know it’s to remind me that this moment too will pass, and that where I focus and put my energy on right in this moment is creating and attracting to me. Such a great and powerful reminder too, in that moment shift my focus by asking, “What is it I want to manifest?” I readjust my thoughts, because if my boomerang is coming back to me I want it to bring me things to be grateful for.

For anyone interested in energy work, or just wanting to play in the field of energy, I really recommend that book, E-Squared.

In that spirit, this week I am going to manifest unicorns. I love them, mythical, and rainbow coloured, and all. What a great energy to put out there. Stay tuned for what I find.

I dare you now. Go out, try it! Go looking for your own green cars, or whatever it is you want to try. What have you got to lose? Heck, flip it, what have you got to gain?


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