Soul Connection

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


I never know what to say or I can’t put the right words together. I am not a great on-the-spot talker. At these moments I take a deep breath. I focus on my gut instinct. All that I need is there.

A friend said that she loves talking to me, because of my calm disposition. This was a great reminder for me. I may not say things as eloquently as I would like, but the person I am shines through.

When I close my eyes and follow my soul I know what to do and say. Sometimes I am pushed to reach out to someone I haven’t spoken to in years, and it turns out they were going through a rough patch.

My inner guidance leads the way. I trust myself completely. This trust took time and patience to develop. After years of struggling and putting my trust in others, I ended up broken. In reality, I have all the tools I truly ever needed. I step back and appreciate my soul.

My soul is the intuition that guides my everyday decision. It helps me when I communicate with others. My soul is all that I am, inside and out. I am so thankful for my soul and the energy that it send out.

Following the energy of my soul makes me realize how powerful we all are in our own unique way. It has the best intentions for me and others.

I skip with gratitude into the beautiful sunshine…on a rainy day. I am thankful.


Inspiration Challenge:

What is your inner voice guiding you towards?


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