Size Up Your Baggage

 In Writer in Residence


Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


I was having “a day.” I don’t like to say “I was having a bad day.” The day wasn’t bad. I just had little things popping up. I had to work to keep my energy relaxed and peaceful.

I arrived at the airport early. I was giving myself extra time to be at peace with the long lines and holiday travelers, myself included. The airport was packed. I got in my first line of the day. When I reached the front of the line I was told I couldn’t check in for my flight… I was too early.

My promptness was not being rewarded here. I had to go back and wait for an hour. There was nowhere to sit. Apparently I wasn’t the only one prompt today.

I was hungry, but I couldn’t eat until I got through security. I can’t get through security until I check in. I took several deep breaths.

I decided to edit my latest story. I went to my phone and my story was gone. My energy shifted to a dangerous place. I looked up and read, “Size up your baggage.”

At this moment I felt the weight of the bag on my shoulder. I realized how much baggage I have carried over the years. Many times in my life I have picked up toxic bags, bags full of drama, mean bags or I have picked up bags for others. How many bags did I think I could carry?

The bags were heavy and painful, yet I wouldn’t put them down. When I finally knew I had to put the bags down I cried for months. It was too difficult. I had become blind to the reality of my bags.

It was very difficult it to walk away from those heavy bags. Their weight had an emotional and physical toll on my body. The weight reached a breaking point, it was either them or me. I choose me.

I did it. I survived. There were lots of tears and fears along the way, but I persevered.  I am on a new beautiful path. I see the illusion I believed the bags to be. Why did I carry them for so long?

Today I am stronger. When the carousel of bags appears before me, I watch their motion. I have the strength to sit back and watch the bags go by. I don’t have to carry drama, anger or pain.

My day turned into a day of reflection. A sign about physical bags helped me process my mental baggage. I was given a new perspective and appreciation for the woman I am today. I carry bags I can manage.


 Inspiration Challenge:

Tell me about a heavy bag you have carried.

 Write on, Ladies! Write ON.


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