Sing in Perfect Harmony

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I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

When I read the challenge for this week, immediately a song from my past came to mind. The only lyrics I remember are “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.”  The message was so uplifting it was even used as the music for a Coca-Cola commercial.

What does it take to teach the world this? I don’t think it needs to be taught. I think it needs to be remembered. I argue it’s already in us to be in harmony with our neighbours. It’s already something that as humans, we are born doing. Babies love everyone. Blind to colour, religious affiliations, geographical boundaries, they see another person and turn all their love and their toothless grin towards that other human because they see. They see and know that we are all connected.

Scientifically speaking, all humans have the same organs, in the same locations. If we get cut we all bleed. Even emotions are expressed in the same facial expression regardless of where on earth we live.

So what does it take to remember? It’s about our focus. Everything in the world is a balance. Light and dark. Love and fear. High or low. Fast or slow. There is an opposite balancing force for every action on earth. Any Star Wars fans will understand that in order for the universe to work we must find balance. When we lean too far in one direction we create imbalance.

In my mind, there is an imbalance in how we look at the world. How we perceive things. Think of the way the news features a largely disproportionate number of stories all about horrible things and happenings in the world. An alien reading our newspapers or intercepting our news feed would immediately think this Earth is a horrible land, filled with fear, hate, sadness and despair. Those things exist, sadly yes, but so do love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness. To teach us to sing in harmony is to teach us to look for the good; it is out there. It’s like Mr. Rogers said, “look for the helpers”, in even the most awful times there are helpers around. Imagine if rather than trying to make us fear one another, newspapers and news outlets featured stories of heroism, bravery or the simple kindness of a neighbour clearing another neighbour’s driveway of snow – someone waving you through the 4 way stop with a smile. Imagine repeatedly being bombarded with images of kindness, images of people coming together as a community. Some may argue it’s not particularly newsworthy, but I disagree. Those stories of kindness go viral on social media because there is a stirring in humankind, a knowing that there is better for us.

I may not be able to teach the whole world, but I can start with myself. I can be an example, and hope that by that example the light and the love and the kindness ripple out. By showing my kids what it means to hold a door open, or to bring a meal to a sick neighbour or to sit and talk to the lonely kid at school. By reinforcing for them the importance to look for the rainbow in the storm.  Imagine if they tell one friend who tells another friend. Imagine you read this blog and share it telling your peeps, “Hey! Look for the good, for the commonalities we as people share.” Imagine what a ripple we could create.

I personally see the good in the rain, in my son’s seizures, in my dad’s illness, in all the learning moments that the universe seems to send my way. Why? Because it’s there. Every single time, through heartache, through tears, the good is there. I know it, I’ve lived it, I’ve seen it and been blessed by it. And so if in my small way I can be the love or the kindness for someone else to see, then that’s what I will do. I can hear the song now. All voices united and singing as one. It’s beyond describable. It’s the change I want to see in the world.

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

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