Shake it Off

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


Shake it off. Ever have someone tell you that? I don’t know about you but if I am in mid seething or ranting, telling me to “shake it off” is not helpful. At least not from my ego’s point of view.

Ironically, “shake it off” is not only helpful but extremely therapeutic. I use that with new clients, I use it with my kids, and while with covid times I may have not used it as much, it’s very helpful anywhere where it’s very “peoply” and you’ve picked up some negative energy.

What is “shake it off” you ask? It’s pretty much what it sounds like. Something happens and you feel that dread or ick in your body and you physically shake your body as if to shake off the bad energy. Bad conversation? I shake that off. Icky interaction with a stranger? Oh yeah, that gets a shake off. Argument in the house or have to break up a fight between the kids? That’s a definite full family shake it off. I don’t know if the kids would rather a mom that yells at the top of their lungs but I get my fair share of groans and eye rolls when as part of the the reconciliation of the a fight I call a “shake it off” moment. Think of it like an active time out. Full body shakes. It usually starts with a wave of an arm and a smirk and then full body shakes and laughs. In that space we can actually talk about what went down and come up with solutions and some pretty good bear hugs and apologies.  The “shake it off” helps unstick moods and even aches. This is a great rendition of the song “shake it off” performed by Dwayne Johnson if you want to really get energized. You cannot stay stuck by singing along to this! Or at least get a smile and a laugh out of watching this!

The best thing with shaking it off, is that it’s pretty much an instant mood booster. So instead of having a moment, getting grumpy and then heading into the shame spiral just stand up and shake that stuff off. What’s that? You are already in the shame spiral? Not a problem! Shake it off works here too. In fact, as you shake the energy off, visualize it leaving and floating away like a beautiful butterfly.

Sink into this week’s meditation as we melt shame and watch it float away like a butterfly. Shake it off, Beauties!




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