Seek Alternate Route

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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


I love shopping local. I haven’t been to my favorite bakery in a while…Covid. I visually planned my Monday. I would spend my whole morning among the old wood floor, brick walls with the aroma of coffee dancing through the air. The writer in me was very excited for my writing date!

I imagined a warm broccoli pumpkin soup with a soft roll for dipping. I pulled up to Rockwood Bakery. To my surprise there was a spot right in front. I can never get a parking spot in front…my intuition kicked in…they are closed. Yup the closed sign was shining bright in the window.

This happened to Melanie once on an artist date. She made the best of it and had a fabulous date. My light bulb went off…Domini’s Sandwiches.

Domini’s has been around for years. A small quiet sandwich shop in the middle of the city. I began heading towards my alternate route.

To my surprise there was a parking spot right in front and they were open. I went inside. It is still the same quaint cafe from my childhood, RC Cola, sandwiches with fresh popcorn. I love how I walk in the door and the staff is so excited to see me, like I am an old friend.

Their excitement does not wane. Through out my lunch their excitement bounced onto me. I left there happy and full of joy. I knew the rest of my day would be fantastic. I am thankful that Rockwood Bakery was closed. I got to relive a part of my childhood. An alternate route can be a good thing.



Inspirational Challenge:

What childhood store would you go back to visit?



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