Seeds of Creativity

 In Weekly Forum Discussion, Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Creatively Hip


My routine is out of wack. I hear people say, “When things return to normal.”

Normal is gone. Change has been in the air for months. Now it is here, every aspect of my life has changed.
I have to work harder to tap into my creative spirit.

In this time of change, I am planting seeds of creativity. The old me dreaded change. The woman today is looking forward to a new way of seeing and doing things. I have to remind myself that change opens creativity.

I have to be creative with my self-love. Self-love gives me inspiration. My imagination will come alive. I will create new plans and thoughts. I will shake things up with my original newness. I am excited. I am skipping into my creative change.

This creativity helps with my writing. Taking time for myself keeps my imagination growing. I let my mind take me to fabulous places. I am able to live in the world of pretend and make-believe. In my mind, anything can happen.

My seeds are blowing in the wind. I have no idea where they will land to be planted. We will find out in the fall.



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