The Seeds of Intention

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Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


Last week I planted the seeds of intention for my year. It all centers around Nourishment. To nourish my body, my creativity, my health, and others. In that order. Now of course I can’t just leave it at that and merely hope the right amount of light and water will find my seeds. I have to nurture the intention just the same way I am nurturing myself. It takes rolling up my sleeves, a willingness to get dirty and put in the work with the anticipation of seeing what will blossom.

So in keeping with my gardening metaphor, what tools do I need to help me along? This is an interesting exploration for me. Needing tools implies I cannot do it alone. I feel indignation bubble up in my body. I muse at the thought and reaction and play it over in my mind. Why is that thought coming up? Why is doing it all alone necessary? What’s wrong with leaning on tools, technology, and people to help me achieve my goals? Nothing! Silly inner chatter. So back to the “tools”. What will I take out of my shed for support with my seeds of intention? The perfect trifecta of course.

Vision Boarding: I shared awhile back that I had made a vision board years ago and that my husband had even framed it for me. And then when I actually stopped to look, really look at the board that I saw every day for 3 years, it hit me that everything on that board had come to fruition. So with that energy I am putting my nourishment intentions on a vision board. To be framed and placed in a prime viewing location so as to see it every day, consciously and unconsciously, to keep me firm on my path.

Meditation: Like staring at my vision board but with my eyes closed. I want to feel it, like I’ve already achieved it. Train my muscles and my mind that it’s done. Focus my energy on the goal. The beautiful thing is that it’s really a new way of being. I am focusing and breathing life into the new and improved me. Like tuning up a car. The meditation tunes up my mind and my trillions of cells to align with my intention of nourishing myself. And the act of meditation also serves to fulfill nourishing my healing. So win-win.

Accountability: In high school, I had a gym routine. What made me stick to the gym routine was that I had a friend who would meet me there. This was back before texting and cell phones so I couldn’t at the last minute cancel, and heaven forbid I stand her up. So, tired or not, unmotivated or not, the idea of leaving her there alone was unthinkable. She was my accountability fairy so to speak. My own little Jiminy Cricket whispering in my ear that I was worth taking care of. This year, I have already paid for my yoga classes, so the spending of the money and the waiting instructor will serve to keep me accountable for nourishing my healing.

So in that spirit, I have committed to myself to be faithful in my nurturing of my intentions and with you as my witness and accountability fairy I am doing this.

Bring it 2020. I am so ready. I am ready to stand at the edge, spread my arms out wide, breathe in deeply, exhale, trust and fly. Weeeeee!



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