Season of New

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


There is a shift in the air. A new season is upon us, a new year is beginning. A fresh start, a clean slate. Everything from the past is forgotten and cleared away.

Back to school brings dread, mixed in with excitement. Saying goodbye to the simple fun days of summer is difficult. Getting back into the routine of life can feel heavy. I journal to find the source of the heavy feeling in the air.

Journaling takes me back to the 1st day of school. My excitement for the first day shifted when I was eight. I was able to select my own school clothes. The creativity in me awoke. I mixed the old in with the new and created several new styles.

When shopping I didn’t buy any items that didn’t “speak” to me. I was using my intuition at eight. I was in tune with my mind, body and soul. I knew all the tools I needed to make the school year successful. If I felt good, I looked good. If I looked good, I felt good.

Everything is tied together. My heaviness is the uncertainty of change and the realization of the things I left undone.

Time to get that thing done. It is the season for unpacking the fall clothes and packing the summer clothes. Yet I enjoy mixing them together. The undone gets completed and the newness begins.

I enjoy the season of newness. A change is a good thing and besides I am still in control. I am not handing the reins of my life to anyone.

I will embrace the new year and celebrate.


Inspiration Challenge:

Unpack your thoughts, what things have you left undone…

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