Rockwood Bakery

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written by: Collette Cottingham; Creatively Hip


Nestled in a quiet neighborhood, just a block away from Manito Park is the Rockwood Bakery. I love coming here.

I walk around the park and then pop in for lunch. It is not commercialized. It is an old building from the turn of last century.

The floors are weathered they have a story I would love to write about. Big glass front windows fill the area with joyous light. Something I need for cold fall days.

I like to sit at a table by the window. I sip on a warm cup of tea and usually try one of their many homemade sweet treats, breads, sandwiches, salads or soup. The items are made local which adds to the neighborhood feel.

I look out the window and watch. I like observing the environment around me. I am in a big city, but at this moment in time I am in a cafe within a small town.

The difference is I grew up in a small town. When I walked into that cafe there was no line. I knew everyone inside and they knew exactly what I wanted. It was difficult to shake things up.

In this neighborhood bakery. I can be a woman of mystery.

I can shake my world by trying something different. Each time I come here I force myself to order something new. I am not a big soup fan, but when I come to Rockwood Bakery I have to try the soup.

There homemade soup isn’t just “chicken noodle” it is “pumpkin spice and ham”or “coconut curry.” The soup is delicious. A warmth that fills the soul on a cold November day.




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