Restoring the Balance

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Immersion Coaching


I love emojis. Like hieroglyphics I am sure historians will look back and assess us by the way we communicated with these symbols.

Choose a favourite? I cannot. I love them all. Each conveys a unique message and each combination of emojis weaves together effortlessly to tell a story. I love that in some cases that emojis can replace words, especially if language doesn’t have quite the right expression. Feeling compassionate and loving? There’s an emoji combination for that. Feeling strong and confident? There’s an emoji combination for that too.

Emojis offer a beautiful tapestry of emotions and energies. Like us. As humans we are a beautiful tapestry of emotions, beliefs, experiences and energies. Energies like our divine masculine and divine feminine. While we have both of these energies within us, we are socialized to perhaps rely more on one vs the other. True wholeness though comes from a balance of both sides. Like in Star Wars, the light side of the force cannot exist without the dark side of the force and the quest is always to restore the balance.  Our quest in this human existence is also to balance our force, our beautiful feminine and masculine energies. Tough and compassionate. Absolutely. Nurturing and driven. Yup you are that too. Tap into both sides, tap into your wholeness and wow, now you are using all your emojis!

Wishing you a balanced week of light love and the integration of your Divine feminine and masculine. Reunite your inner world using this meditation to balance both energies in you.

Love light and balance to you!





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