Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Creatively Hip

I love to learn, and I try to learn something new every day. I get excited about the process of learning. I will spend my life learning, how exciting. I love when I learn something new that blows my mind!

I still remember the excitement I felt when I solved “x” in Algebra. I checked my work and I solved it correctly. I was filled with pride.

On days when I feel the lowest of low and need to think about all the little accomplishments I have achieved. I need to reach inside my memory bank and revive my feelings of pride.

School gave me the tools I would need in life. I learned how to believe in myself. I know my strengths and I know the areas I can do, but they require more work. I learned to dream big and appreciate all my little accomplishments. And of course to cherish my mistakes. I learned the most from my mistakes. Mistakes guide me toward a new route—maybe one I didn’t even realize was there.

As the school year begins, I am filled with anxiety. My schedule will fill up. It is this time of year I have to make time for self-care. I can feel overwhelmed pretty quickly. I will slow down and know that everything will be okay. Even with the business of back to life.

I remind myself how overwhelmed I felt about going back to school. Every year brought stress and anxiety. Everything was okay, it all worked out.

One thing I still enjoy about having a schedule is routine. I take pleasure in the familiar themes that occur in my daily life. My schedule is one of my many pleasures of going back to school. Once I graduated I was filled with anxiety. How would I live without a routine?

Well, school gave me the tools to create my own routine. I lost my routine to another’s power and control. I am out from under that cloud. In rediscovering who I am I have been mixing up my schedule to fit the new woman I am today.

As I redesign my fall schedule I can release my anxiety. I see a woman curled up with a good book. I am relaxed and full of love. On my left, I have one granddaughter intently listening to my every word. On my right, my newborn granddaughter is sound asleep. Yes, everything will be just fine.

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