Rain Walker

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis.com


I was feeling overwhelmed, not sure why, my life is pretty great. I was staring out the window as the anxiety burned inside.

On the outside the weather was just as confused as I was. It couldn’t decide whether it wanted to rain or not.

I really wanted it to rain. Walking in the rain is my favorite rainy day activity. The writer in me loves the rain. The rain provides a storm of creativity.

Today I needed the walk to calm the creative internal storm. I needed a good cleansing. A fabulous walk in the pouring down rain.

Well my anxiety was ready to burst. I had two choices, go for a walk or stay here and have a meltdown.

Outside the rain trickled down. I ventured along the paved pathways. I sometimes go off the path exploring, but today wasn’t an off the path day. Today I was doing an internal exploration.

My walks are usually quiet and peaceful. Today I was a magnet! Every furry friend in the neighborhood had to greet me with face licking excitement. My furry friends were gifting me with kindness.

A man walked up and started asking me twenty questions. I paused my thoughts as I tried to figure out what this person was wanting. I politely departed and walked away confused.

As I poured my anxiety into the sidewalk I realized, my life is great for me. I am frustrated at the twenty questions I receive about my life, my future.

I guess people are not happy with my plan or what they see as no plan. I need to not let their fears or anxieties overcome me. These feelings belong to them not me.

As my internal chapel found peace the rain turned into a steady down pour. A big smile crossed my face, life is good, thank you.



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